You Game Bro podcast schedule for November

Joel Van Daal
You Game Bro podcast schedule for November

The podcast hosted by Adam "Pez" Perry talks to some of the best Australian talent in the games industry, Youtube, and streaming.

This month celebrates Twitch ANZ, focusing on some of this year's biggest talents on twitch.

A new episode of the podcast is recorded live on their Twitch channel every Wednesday night.You can check out this month's line up below.

  • Wednesday 8th - GeekandGamerGirl - Jessie James & SuperAngryBrother - Tolga Giz
  • Wednesday 15th - James Turner & KryticZeuz - Tom McNeil
  • Wednesday 22nd - Crayator & Christopher de Cinque - WetforJesus / Closure in Moscow
  • Wednesday 29th - A very special You Game Bro? Podcast episode


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