Yager responds to Spec Ops reviews, confirms development on new title

James Cullinane
Yager responds to Spec Ops reviews, confirms development on new title

In the hours after the global review embargo lifted for Spec Ops: The Line, MCV Pacific spoke with lead designer Shawn Frison to gauge Yager's reaction to the review response.

At the time of writing, Spec Ops: The Line is rated 77/100 on review aggregation site Metacritic. When asked if he was satisfied with that score, Frison told MCV: “It’d be awesome if it was higher. Even the low review scores, it’s still affecting [the critics] at least, and I’d rather have that, than to be completely forgettable.”

In response to a criticism among some reviewers that Spec Ops: The Line didn’t push the thematic boundaries enough, Frison said: “It’s better for people to have those opinions – we definitely pushed those buttons more than most,” and added, “We wanted [the game] to be accessible to as many as possible.”

As to how much faith the developer can place in the ability of gamers to infer meaning from a game, Frison said: “You’re going to have a broad spectrum some people aren’t interested, and there are others who are looking for that. Hopefully the game we made is for those people.”

Beyond the previously announced free co-op campaign coming soon, Frison wasn’t prepared to discuss the post-launch strategy for Spec Ops: The Line. However, the lead designer did confirm to MCV that Yager is working on a new, unannounced project: “We have another thing that we’ve signed, [and] that we’re working on, [but] we’re not able to talk about it.”


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