Wonderbook priced for Australia

Leigh Harris
Wonderbook priced for Australia

Sony's upcoming big gamble for the Playstation Move starring the works of J K Rowling is set at AUD$49.95 or AUD$99.95.

While the Wonderbook clearly has potential beyond the usual gaming crowd, Sony is still focusing its efforts on first penetrating the usual channels through EB Games, JB HiFi and department stores.

MCV understands that while other more broad options including Post Offices or even bookstores aren't off the cards for later, the focus on customer education still requires the specialist touch, although no possibilities are being rules out.

The opening title, Book of Spells, which features the work of J K Rowling, will be the kickoff title for the Wonderbook peripheral when it launches in November.

The AUD$49.95 package will come with Book of Spells and the Wonderbook pad, while the AUD$99.95 offering will feature those as well as a Move peripheral and Playstation sensor.


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