Wii U up, PS4 down on purchase intent post-E3, says report

David Wildgoose
Wii U up, PS4 down on purchase intent post-E3, says report

The number of consumers who intend on buying a Wii U grew by 50 per cent thanks to Nintendo's E3 showing.

That’s according to an IHS survey reported by Games Industry, which questioned 1,000 core gamers before and after the LA expo.

Prior to the show 14 per cent of respondents said they were planning on buying Nintendo’s machine. That jumped to 20 per cent afterwards, ranking alongside Xbox One, which climbed one point from 19 per cent.

Note that this data has not yet been reflected by sales data, in which Xbox One continues to outsell Wii U.

PS4 still maintained the lead with a 27.5 per cent purchase intent rate but that was down from the pre-show 32 per cent score.

Yesterday, EB Games told us Xbox One sales had "more than doubled" since the launch during E3 of the Kinect-less console bundle.

Batman: Arkham Knight was the most popular title with a purchase intent rate of 60 per cent while both Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Grand Theft Auto V came in at under 50 per cent.

76 per cent of PS4 owners say they will buy Uncharted 4 and 77 per cent of Xbox One owners will get the new Halo. 89 per cent of Wii U owners are unsurprisingly eyeing up the new Zelda title.


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