Wii U sales being trumped by Wii in the US

Leigh Harris
Wii U sales being trumped by Wii in the US

According to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, the Wii U sold 55k units in the US in April this year, compared to 75k Wiis.

This represents a 19% drop in hardware sales month-on-month for the new Nintendo console, while it represented a 16% drop in Wii sales from a full year prior.

The Wii U might be the mos powerful console on the market right now, but come this holiday season, that gap will evaporate. Add this to some of the problems with publishers like EA not bringing their key titles to the platform, and it may be a troubling generation for Nintendo.

Today, Mark Serrels over at Kotaku Australia mused about the type of market the Wii attracted, and suggested that the audience is in it for the functionality rather than the 'latest and greatest' mentality of the traditional hardcore sector.

Still, Nintendo's major gaming IPs which draw in gamers by the millions haven't yet graced the still nascent device, so it's not necessarily all doom and gloom yet, even if Activision is expressing caution about the whole next generation of consoles as a result of the Wii U's struggles.


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