Which will be Australia's first R18+ games?

Leigh Harris
Which will be Australia's first R18+ games?

Looking forward to Tuesday week when we'll finally have an R18+ rating? Don't expect Tomb Raider, DmC or Dead Space 3 to carry the rating.

Games are traditionally classified well before their release, with some being submitted for a rating as early as five or six months before they're finished (as long, that is, as the violent content is at that point done).

So here's a list of games slated for early next year which have already been classified at MA15+, and a few which are not yet classified, and may be among the first to carry an R18+:

  • Jan 10 – Anarchy Reigns - MA15+
  • Jan 15 – DmC – MA15+
  • 7 Feb – Dead Space 3 – MA15+
  • 12 Feb – Aliens: Colonial Marines - MA15+
  • 21 Feb – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - MA15+
  • 21 Feb – Crysis 3 - MA15+
  • 5 Mar – Tomb Raider - MA15+
  • 14 Mar – God of War: Ascension - UNCLASSIFIED
  • 19 Mar – Gears of War: Judgment (Currently being classified)
  • 16 Mar – Bioshock: Infinite -  MA15+
  • 28 Mar – Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel - UNCLASSIFIED
  • TBC - Metro: Last Light - UNCLASSIFIED
  • TBC - Grand Theft Auto V - UNCLASSIFIED


Knowing these currently unclassified titles as we draw 2012 to a close, it seems there will cerainly be some people aged 15-17 who will be likely to miss out on the latest iterations of their favourite titles.

In the mean time, since a game cannot be re-submitted for a revised classification until it has been on sale for two years, if any government official tries to have titles shifted up to R, the above titles which have only just received their MA15+ ratings will be the last to move.

UPDATE: According to the act, it is possible for a Minister to call for a 'review' of a game within the two year period (where a Review Board makes an independent decision which overrules the decision made by the Classification Board), however this is a costly measure and as of the moment no Minister has suggested such a course of action.


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