Where Far Cry 3 finds its audience

Leigh Harris
Where Far Cry 3 finds its audience

With news dropping yesterday that Far Cry 3 is the biggest marketing campaign for Ubisoft this year, we look closer at who's being targeted.

To begin with, the hardcore are being catered to via predictably large online and print means. Specifically, Ubisoft are running ads on GameSpot, IGN and XBLA.

The online as are already running, as are the TV spots, which can be seen on Channels 7, 10, One HD and Mate7 during prime viewing hours. Think Homeland, Law & Order and Family Guy for a start.

For a title with a specific following within the purist hardcore market (those who crave self-directed action and freedom to explore primarily), Far Cry 3 has a dedicated following already due to the PR campaign which has been slowly convincing the hard-to-please mob that this is the same style of game they knew and loved before.

As such, it's promising to see that the last big push is more about the beauty of the world, the explosiveness of the action, and that its casting a wider net. Now's the time for FC3 to be going large. Time will tell if it pays off.


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