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Joel Van Daal
Weekend Bites

All the weekend's news.

Nintendo to double Switch Production

Nintendo has raised its production of the new console to 16-million with an expectation to sell 10-million units. The first party will reportedly later its manufacturing plans for the console in the next Japanese financial year. The company had originally wanted to produce 8-million units, but has recently made the decision to double production. Full story Games Industry.

Sony to wind down PS3 production for Japan

The company has confirmed production of the PlayStation 3 will soon end. The company stated it wants its consoles to have a minimum of a 10-year life span, with the PS3 surpassing that. Sony's Japanese PlayStation site (translated by Gematsu) has indicated that "Shipments are scheduled to end soon," for the last remaining PS3. No word has been given on other markets as of yet. Full story Games Industry.

Sonic Mania delayed with new title announced

SEGA has confirmed at SXSW that Sonic Mania has been delayed by several months, now releasing in the Australian winter. The publisher also revealed that he return of Flying Battery Zone (Sonic 3), has been confirmed for the title. They also use the opportunity to announce Sonic Forces, the official name for the project previously known as ‘Project Sonic 2017’. The title will be a sleeker, modern take on the franchise and will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Full story MCV UK.


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