Warren Spector and Tim Schafer open Game Masters in Melbourne

Leigh Harris
Warren Spector and Tim Schafer open Game Masters in Melbourne

Today, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu opened the Game Masters exhibition in Melbourne alongside Tim Schafer and Warren Spector.

The day began with a panel discussion where the pair of legendary developers were joined by local CEO of Firemint Rob Murray and exhibition curator Conrad Bodman to field questions from local media just prior to the event kicking off.

Questions for the panel ranged from game design to the practicality of setting up their various businesses, where Spector and Schafer both revealed their design-focused approach to almost everything they do, being rather contrasted by Murray, who admitted he felt he was an entrepreneur first and a game designer second.

After the panel, Baillieu said at the exhibition doors: "This is the Game Masters exhibition! Made in Australia, for the world, and we're delighted to have some of the game masters themselves here with us. In many ways, this is an exhibition which will cut through right across the world, and is on display right through until October. there are millions who will want to be here and thousands who will be here."

The exhibition itself, situated at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne, showcases the works of 30 of the greatest game developers (individuals and studios) of all time.

There are three sections to it. The 'Arcade Heroes' section, which houses works by developers such as Tomohiro Nishikado and Eugene Jarvis, 'Game Changers', which includes Blizzard, Hideo Kojima, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Peter Molyneux and Will Wright, and 'Indies', where tiny but revolutionary PC projects are shown off right next to the greatest from mobile development (including Australia's own Halfbrick and Firemint).

The ACMI is hosting several forums over the next two days to open the exhibition, which will have continued workshops, talks and panels over the months it is on display, representing two years work in preparation by Bodman and the other curators.

Stay tuned for interviews with Warren Spector and Tim Schafer.


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