Wander coming to PS4

Leigh Harris
Wander coming to PS4

Melbourne-based developer Wander MMO's experiential and non-combat MMO game Wander has been confirmed as a Playstation 4 title.

You begin the game as a giant tree, and throughout your exploration and discovery of the beautiful world on show, you'll be affected by storms and flowers which guide your path.

The words the developer is using to describe the game shows that it's clearly got more in common with a title from ThatGameCompany (Journey, Flower) than the kind of title you'd expect as a launch title, even if a downloadable one, for a new console.

Then again, if this generation has shown us anything, it's that there's a huge appetite out there for non-conventional games which aim to influence emotion rather than challenge refelexes or test intellectual prowess, and the medium is certainly the better for it.

Check out more information on Wander here.


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