VIDEO: The Australian Call of Duty Championship qualifiers

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: The Australian Call of Duty Championship qualifiers

For those of you who are curious about eSports, but not curious enough to want more than a two minute video, check this out.

Publishers of highly competitive games are more and more coming to the table offering to really push the eSports angles behind their games.

Activision came to the table with a competition to send two teams of Aussie / Kiwi players over to Los Angeles.

The event was held in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, and Activision have kindly created a montage video set to Aussie hiphop legends Bliss N Eso to show it off.

One advantage of adding the prestige of a proper event and all the bells and whistles that go with it is that, as fans clamor to be a part of the limelight, they'll need to have the latest and greatest version of the game in question. Modern Warfare 3 fans, for example, were out of luck for publisher-supported eSports once Black Ops II came out.



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