VIDEO: Splinter Cell Blacklist's special edition

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: Splinter Cell Blacklist's special edition

Ubisoft have been pushing hard with special editions lately, and Splinter Cell is certainly receiving the same big push.

MCV already weighed in on the 5th Freedom edition of Splinter Cell Blacklist a while ago, which is sporting an army of bells and whistles, but today Ubisoft has thrown out a video of an 'unboxing' of the pack.

It isn't so much an unboxing video per se as it is a video where each individual piece of content gets a chance to fly about the screen to deadly earnest dramatic music, but still gives a thorough overview of what the over-and-above pack will contain.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is set for release on 22nd August.

You can check out the 'unboxing' below:



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