VIDEO: Sackboy in SPACE

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: Sackboy in SPACE

Ok, so this is pretty much the coolest thing Sony Australia has ever done. Submitted for your approval is a video of Sackboy being launched into space.

Or at least, near enough to space for a video set to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries to be all kinds of awesome.

Sackboy was launched from inland New South Wales to a near orbit of Earth at 95'000 feet high thanks to five cubic feet of helium strung to a 30 foot in diametre balloon.

The 'hession hero' (someone at Sony is proud of that, no doubt) reached a peak speed of 15 feet per second or over 90kph.

The design for the custom-made Sackboy space suit was handled via a competition, with the final design coming from Brisbane entrant Tom Fox.

Drop whatever you're doing and check out the video below:


UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that this video is copying one from September wherein a father launched his son's favourite toy train into space in a similar fashion.

FURTHER UPDATE: Sony Australia has confirmed that the Sackboy in Space was originally conceived in early August, and that the similarity is coincidental, and has design documents which can verify this.


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