VIDEO: Nintendo shows off Animal Crossing at PAX

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: Nintendo shows off Animal Crossing at PAX

One of the many world firsts at PAX Australia this week was a showing from Nintendo of a new video for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

It is the entire developer video presentation which was shown at PAX from the devs themselves, and includes cute Aussie-isms from in-game characters speaking directly to camera, and the producer and directors of Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Katsuya Eguchi, Isao Moro and Aya Kyogoku respectively.

The team gave a video response to fan questions ranging from big concept questions about what the Animal Crossing series actually is, to personal favourites from the team and more.

Nintendo's booth at PAX was an interesting and successful exercise in moving away from the idea of showing off new and upcoming content in favour of providing a fun brand engagement experience for fans.

Check out the full 25 minute video below:



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