VIDEO: Grand Theft Auto V's new trailer ignites

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: Grand Theft Auto V's new trailer ignites

The shroud of silence has been lifted, with Rockstar hitting with previews and interviews all round the world for GTA V.

No longer a mood piece or an aesthetic promise, the new trailer which launched today aims to introduce the game's three main protagonists while engaging the audience in a heady cocktail of humour and off-the-wall action.

Revelations that the game would be the size of GTA IV, GTA San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined allow for a variety of locations which is also trumpeted in the new trailer, taking you all the way from Vinewood to dusty border towns and up into the air - way WAY up into the air.

So from here on out there'll undoubtedly be regular tidbits dropping left right and centre about this massive game as it ramps up for an Autumn release next year.


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