VIDEO: FIFA 14 promoted with bizarre ad

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: FIFA 14 promoted with bizarre ad

I heartily wish this ad could get picked up by the Gruen Planet team so that some experts can explain it to me.

After a few seconds worth of quick-cut intro designed to make you feel like you're about to watch a cheap Baywatch knock-off, Aussie soccer player Tim Cahill is presented to us on a surf lifesavers' chair explaining that with FIFA about to come out, we all need to look our best.

Cue a troupe of women in soccer-themed exercise gear to take us through a bunch of chest-wobbling steps to help get us fit... or something... while Mr Cahill looks on approvingly and gyrates along from his chair.

I've really no idea who the ad is aimed at. If it's designed to titilate, it misses the mark. If it's meant to inspire us to be healthy... well... it probably shouldn't be advertising a videogame.

It's painful to watch and kid of makes one want to take a shower. Which explains why it has just as many likes as dislikes on YouTube right now.

So if that's the kind of sensation you crave, check out the ad below:



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