VIDEO: Bioshock Infinite DLC finally revealed

Leigh Harris
VIDEO: Bioshock Infinite DLC finally revealed

2K Games has at long last come out and shown us what the DLC is slated to be for Bioshock Infinite, and it's looking very cool.

The first is called Clash in the Clouds, and is an action and combat-based pack which adds four new areas to the city-in-the-sky of Columbia.

It is out today, but perhaps more interesting is the second DLC pack, which is listed as 'Buried at Sea: Episode 1' and takes players back to the original underwater city of Rapture.

Billed as a single-player experience, the game will allegedly allow you to play as either Booker or Elizabeth, and is set before Rapture's downfall.

Buried at Sea is a two-part DLC pack, while Clash of the Clouds is standalone. All are included in the Bioshock Infinite season pass, or can be downloaded individually.

Check out the teaser trailers for both here:

Clash in the Clouds:

Buried at Sea:



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