Victorian games funding not necessarily cut

Leigh Harris
Victorian games funding not necessarily cut

After the Victorian budget came out yesterday showing a marked decrease in Film Victoria's funding, news suggested that games budget was cut.

Antony Reed, CEO of the Game Developers' Association of Australia, outlined the situation in an email this morning, making it clear that the Film Act of 2001 stipulates that Film Victoria support games (which explains the absence of any media release announcing a cessation of funding for games).

When Film Victoria first began funding games, it was allocated additional funds on top of its existing budget to promote film and television. Those funds came from the Department of Business and Innovation and the Victorian Treasury. It is these moneys which have been given the axe.

Reed believes that in order to fulfill its obligation to games, some funding will have to be allocated from the existing film and television budget, and is expecting that funding will remain at its current level, or at least will not drop to a level which indicates support for games in name only.

The reduced Film Victoria budget will be allocated in the next few months, and as of now there is no reason to believe the GDAA will not be a part of those deliberations.

This news flies in the face of recommendations made earlier this week by the Covergence Review that the games industry requires support from the government at a federal level.


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