VGA's Game of the Year not available in ANZ

Leigh Harris
VGA's Game of the Year not available in ANZ

Whether you agreed with the decision or not, this is certainly the first time a game which has been dubbed GOTY hasn't been on shelves here.

The Walking Dead took several honours at the Spike Video Game Awards over the weekend, including taking the overall Game of the Year, and had previously not been submitted for classification in Australia due to the lack of an R18+ rating.

New Zealand, it would seem, was collateral damage in this instance, with the country also not receiving the game by proxy.

This hasn't stopped a large number of fans from grabbing the impressive point-and-click adventure series by non-regulated download channels, but it never saw the light of day on retail shelves.

Here's hoping this'll be one of (if not the) last times a critically acclaimed game is denied to people in this region due to outdated legislation.



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