Users 'ten times as likely' to buy PS4 than Xbox One, says indie retailer

Leigh Harris
Users 'ten times as likely' to buy PS4 than Xbox One, says indie retailer

Aussie indie game retailer Gametraders has conducted a poll following the Xbox One and PS4 announcements, and things are tilting.

"Simply put, Sony gave gamers what they want," said Rob Jenkins, National Marketing Manager at Gametraders. "Across the web gamers are either celebrating Sony's dismantling of Microsofts presentation of their new Xbox One or gnashing their teeth in anger at overwhelming amount of positive support Sony are getting from the games press.”

Jenkins likened reactions to the announcements to 'the winning goal at the world cup', stating unequivocally that gamers want DRM free games without online check-in requirements,

It's one thing to have a critical response to an action, it's quite another to have that criticism infect retail.

Of course, the poll was an ad hoc roundup of immedate reactions on social media, done a time where there is still a lot of confusion and no one has as yet had time to adjust or really ponder the moves made by Sony and Microsoft.

Still, this coupled with the sharp overtake of pre-orders for PS4 on Amazon don't bode well for Microsoft's immediate future.


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