Unedited Grand Theft Auto V passes classification in Australia

Leigh Harris
Unedited Grand Theft Auto V passes classification in Australia

Amidst a flurry of recent classification refusals, the behemoth GTA V has passed Australian classification at an R18+ rating.

A Rockstar Games representative has confirmed that the version submitted was unedited for the Australian submission, so there are no cuts, no separate versions, one sku and one release date.

Of particular note is that the game was rated R18+ for Drug Use. That'll be the only consumer advice which appears on the box.

All other classifiable elements including swearing, violence and sex scenes, came in at 'Strong Impact' in the classification board's report, meaning that with the exception of the drug use, the game could've passed at an MA15+ rating.

Based on the trailers we've seen thus far, the game's violence would appear to be limited to surface damage on bodies (decapitation or its brethren would've doubtless pushes the game's violence into the R18+ category), so the moment where Franklin emerges from a medicinal marijuana joint on Verona Beach (Venice Beach) would appear to be the content which pushed the game into R18+.

Of course, this does tell us that your drug use in-game isn't linked to incentives or rewards, but then it's been that way with the GTA series since the very beginning, so it comes as no surprise.


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