Undead Labs confirms PC release for State of Decay

James Cullinane
Undead Labs confirms PC release for State of Decay

Open-world zombie shooter State of Decay is coming to PC, Undead Labs has revealed.

Undead Labs head Jeff Strain confirmed the news during a live stream yesterday. A detailed summary followed on the game's official forum.

State of Decay was the second game to be Refused Classification by the Australian Classification Board subsequent to the introduction of an R18+ rating. The Board to exception to the game rewarding drug use. Developer Undead Labs simply replaced the word ‘stimulants’ with ‘vitamins’, and the game was subsequently rated R18+.

Undead Labs' decision to launch on PC follows State of Decay's success on the XBLA having sold over 500,000 copies, and even knocked the seemingly untouchable Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition off the XBLA chart's top spot.

Microsoft even named State of Decay as the fastest-selling "original" game for XBLA.

State of Decay will launch via Steam's Early Access Program and will offer several improvements over the original, including enhanced graphics, higher resolutions and an improved framerate.

However, Strain confirmed the PC edition will offer no new content or features.

Whilst the final PC version will feature full keyboard and mouse support, an initial release of the game through the Early Access Program will be controller-only.

"Without going into too much detail… you start in the world, build your community, clean the valley out - and when it runs dry, you can leave with some portion of your community and go to 'the next valley'. The next valley is the same map repopulated with resources...but harder. More zombies. More difficulty. Just…more," wrote Sanya Weathers, Undead Labs spokesperson, within the forum post.

No release information has been confirmed yet. But Strain stated the PC version will be out within 2013.


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