Ubisoft details Watch Dogs exclusive content

David Wildgoose
Ubisoft details Watch Dogs exclusive content

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of Watch Dogs will feature four extra missions and a unique outfit, Ubisoft has revealed.

As with recent Assassin's Creed titles, Ubisoft had previously announced Watch Dogs would have "one hour of exclusive content" on Sony's platforms.

That hour consists of a four mission scenario that the publisher says will provide players with "a deeper knowledge of DedSec, a key and powerful faction in the Watch Dogs universe."

Completing the extra missions rewards players with a Hacking Boost named Superior Capacity which gives players one additional Battery Slot.

Also, the PS4 and PS3 versions come with a "White Hat" Hacker Outfit.

Watch Dogs releases on May 27 on PS4 and PS3 as well as Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC with a Wii U version to follow at a later date.


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