Tuff Kat goes under

Leigh Harris
Tuff Kat goes under

Local distributor and publisher Tuff Kat has gone into voluntary administration, and may be finished by 9th April.

The first meeting of the creditors was held yesterday, and on April 9 the second and potentially final meeting is set to take place.

Jones Partners has been selected to handle the administration, and gave MCV the following statement:

Mr Bruce Gleeson of Jones Partners was appointed Voluntary Administrator of the company on 8 March 2013. The appointment was made by the secured creditor of the company.

The first meeting of creditors was held on 20 March 2013 and the second meeting of creditors has been scheduled for 9 April 2013. At this stage, the Administrator is assessing the company’s financial position and the best method of realising the company’s assets, including the potential sale of the company or its assets to a purchaser. At this stage, it is uncertain whether the company will be wound up at the second meeting of creditors.

Tuff Kat had previously been responsible for launching Rugby World Cup as well as the Australian and New Zealand Angry Birds releases.


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