Trade Media showcases ANZ development talent to the world

David Wildgoose
Trade Media showcases ANZ development talent to the world

MCV sister site Develop has appointed a Pacific editor, Trade Media announces today.

Former MCV Pacific editor Leigh Harris will be Develop's Pacific editor from July 14.

Develop is the only European-based website and magazine totally focused on the games development sector.

Harris will be reporting on the games development community in the Pacific region and feeding stories back to the global site, reaching 300,000 readers engaged in games development around the world.

"Australia and New Zealand have collectively one of the most interesting game development spheres on the planet right now, and I'm thrilled to be able to paint that picture and bring these peoples' news to the world," says Harris.

"I’m extremely proud to be a part of this," adds Joel Van Daal, Develop's Pacific sales manager.

"Following the well documented 10 million dollar cut to the Australian Interactive Games Fund in May’s Federal Budget we knew we had to do something. We want to give Australian and New Zealand developers an avenue in which to showcase their amazing talents and this move will put them in front of publishers across Europe and the US."


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