TORUS: Publishers haven't been asking for games on Vita

Leigh Harris
TORUS: Publishers haven't been asking for games on Vita

Speaking with Torus Games today, MCV discussed the reasons why Shuhei Yoshida says Sony is having trouble attracting third parties.

Kevin McIntosh, Head of Production at Torus in Melbourne, told MCV: "While we’ve almost ported our engine across to the Vita (our engine runs on all available platforms), the publishers that we’ve spoken with haven’t asked for games on it."

"It’s probably just the projects that we’re talking about, but we haven’t had the opportunity to really launch something on the hardware."

Sony's Playstation Mobile push at E3 and just recently at Gamescom has proven to be doing just that, seeking to bring new and interesting titles to the platform. 

Mark Wayland, Senior Programmer at Torus who has developed renderers for five different consoles, added: "Sony provides an excellent, well documented toolset enabling rapid development which includes lots of information about the hardware itself, essential to getting the most out of the platform."

McIntosh continued: "Having said that, we have an original title that we think would be perfect for it, and it’s great that the hardware actually allows developers to get straight to the customer with their market."

"I also think something unique on the hardware would help to give it a jolt. The line contains a lot of Sony sequels to existing titles, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to make a splash. It gives the designers something extra to work with going on to the Vita as well."

Torus is responsible for Bigfoot: King of Crush, Stunt Flyer: Hero of the Skies and Kids Adventures: Sky Captain, and is one of four Australian studios currently developing for the Vita.


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