Tomb Raider street date breaks

Leigh Harris
Tomb Raider street date breaks

Tomb Raider has been kicking some critical acclaim ass, and has also just started selling, well ahead of launch, in Australia.

EB Games is advising that people do call their local stores before going in to purchase the game (presumably because stock may not yet have reached all stores), but it looks, according to a Tweet from its account and from an update on the web site, that the game is in fact on sale in time for the weekend.

At least this time it's not prior to reviews going live and informing the general public that it's all hype like it was with another recent action title. This time around they're out well in advance and are generally gushing, so kudos to Square Enix for that one.

The game was slated to be out on 5th March. No word yet on New Zealand following suit, but given the time most retailers will be closed by this point regardless.



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