Thirty Over 30 presented by Curse: Guy Blomberg

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Thirty Over 30 presented by Curse: Guy Blomberg

Despite being the youngest person on our list, Guy's career is as important as it is varied. 

Guy Blomberg, better known to many as 'Yug', is perhaps the most networked individual in the Australian games industry. Chances are you've shared a drink, received his help, or worked with him in some capacity over the years. Over the last decade he has has helped introduce and grow many ground-breaking and important projects, including MCV Pacific.

After making a name for himself as a professional graphic designer, in 2005 he co-founded the independent gaming website Eventually growing to almost 200,000 readers per month, it gave Guy the opportunity to become involved in many other aspects of the gaming industry.

He worked as a Designer for game development studios Auran Games and SEGA Creative Assembly, and became heavily involved in supporting the Australian development scene through regular networking events, hosted convention panels, and promoted podcasts and interviews.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Guy's most well-known venture was the creation of the late 'Mana Bar' video game cocktail bars in Brisbane and Melbourne, which brought significant international attention to the Australian scene and kicked off a worldwide trend of videogame bars.

He was also the Producer & Presenter of the short lived Game Damage show, the original Marketing & Advertising Manager for MCV Pacific, and a founding member of the Gameplanet Australia website.

In 2012 he became involved in the creation of the first PAX Australia, developing and curating the content and community around Australia's largest games festival. He now also oversees the content across five Annual Oz Comic-Con events around Australia.

Talking to MCV Pacific, Guy says "I've been incredibly fortunate to make a career out of essentially my love of games and parties. It's given me the most amazing friendships and experiences, enabled me to help and collaborate with great talents, and given me a profound appreciation of our local Australian scene.

I'm also super humbled to be recognised on the MCV Pacific 30 over 30 list, despite my hairstyle. Here's to an even more exciting future for our industry, next round is on me!"


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