The Walking Dead dated for Australia and New Zealand

Leigh Harris
The Walking Dead dated for Australia and New Zealand

Now that Activision's distraction is out of the way, it's time to celebrate the Telltale Walking Dead series finally coming to ANZ.

The news emerged today that the series would see a retail release in Australia on 9th May and New Zealand on 10th May.

It'll be one nice, handy retail disc with all five of the ridiculously acclaimed episodes on there, and is a perfect opportunity for anyone who missed the game first time around to find out what all the fuss was about.

Down under in particular, the fuss was about Telltale Games not bothering to submit the game for classification here due to our lack of R18+ age rating, with New Zealand becoming collateral damage in that decision. When the game was finally submitted after the R18+ rating passed in January of this year, it turned out to be an unnecessary hesitation on Telltale's part, with the game receiving an MA15+ rating in Australia and a R16 in New Zealand.


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