The superlative EscapeVektor dated and priced

Leigh Harris
The superlative EscapeVektor dated and priced

Sydney-based developer has sent word through of the pricing and dates for the 3DS and Vita versions of EscapeVektor.

The game sees players navigating a net which is full of traps and enemies, blending puzzle solving and arcade gameplay with a deft touch.

"The game uses the unique features of each handheld device," said Nic Watt, Creative Director at developer Nnooo. "We're using the 3D graphics of the Nintendo 3DS to bring the game to life. On the PS Vita we use the gyroscope and the touchscreen to adjust the camera angle and move Vektor around in the overworld maps."

EscapeVektor was originally released for Wiiware, and is now hitting the 3DS (Thursday 20th December) and PS Vita (Wednesday 19th December) as a downloadable title.

It'll be going for AUD$15.95 or NZD$18.90 on PS Vita and AUD$13 and NZD$17 on 3DS.

Do check this one out. It's slick.


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