The game page fallout of Atomic and PC Authority merger

Leigh Harris
The game page fallout of Atomic and PC Authority merger

With some readers of Atomic bemoaning the combining of both titles under the PC and Tech Authority masthead, it's worth looking at the changes in detail.

Currently, the pages in Atomic dedicated to gaming editorial total 21 (not including the larger features which are usually housed at the front of the mag).

With PC and Tech Authority gaining 'at least' 16 pages, MCV has been told that 10-12 of those pages will be dedicated to Atomic-branded gaming content, and that the gaming features are to find a new home in the opening pages of PC&TA.

All key editorial staff are staying on with the move, and Atomic's final print edition will be available on 21st November, with the web site staying online until the end of 2012.

While the merger does lose the Atomic specific publication in its current form, it will also expose the gaming content there to a significantly larger readership, both in the digital and print versions.


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