Target are not enforcing plain packaging

Joel Van Daal
Target are not enforcing plain packaging

The Australian retailer has confirmed that it is not displaying R18+ titles in plain packaging.

Reports surfaced of a move to plain packaing following Attack Of The Fan Boy article which sited a Neogaf post.

Target has since confirmed that Target Edwardstown and a handful of other stores were acting on older information relating to South Australia's R18+ laws.

A company spokespercon told MCV Pacific, "Target Australia complies with the relevant legislation in each state on the display of 18+ games, with particular focus on WA and SA where there are different measure in place to the rest of the country."

The retailer also confirmed that all R18+ games will be sheleved together with a sign placed above, making note of the R18+ Rating in accordance with South Australian legislation.

Target Edwardstown, as well as the other stores in question have since removed the plain packages from shelves. 

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