Synthesis localisation opens up shop in Singapore

Leigh Harris
Synthesis localisation opens up shop in Singapore

Company offers a stronger commitment to South-East Asian countries, and intends to use Singapore as its hub.

Singapore Pacific will extend the company's already vast localisation capacity to include Korea, Taiwan and China, while its Japanese translations will continue to be offered via its Synthesis Asia studio in Japan.

While responsible for the localisation of many blockbuster titles in Europe, Synthesis Asia's work so far includes Star Wars Kinect, Pixar Rush, Fable 2 and 3 and Mass Effect.

Harry Inaba, Managing Director of Synthesis Pacific said, "Singapore will act as a centre for us to recruit people from different language and cultural backgrounds in an English speaking environment, and will be our hub to develop resources and partners in the Southeast Asian markets, which is anticipated to become a US$1 billion market by 2015."

The company plans not only to service Western developers looking to localise into Asian markets, but also to help Asian companies break out to Western markets.

"From a global standpoint, the Asian region has been growing quickly with many of our clients wanting their videogames localised for these markets," added Max Reynaud, Owner & Founder of Synthesis. "Synthesis Pacific is now in the perfect cultural and geographical location and has the right mix of talent to deliver our global solutions for clients now and in the future."

The company has been pushing a global expansion since early 2012.


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