SyFy MMO Defiance prepares to go free-to-play

David Wildgoose
SyFy MMO Defiance prepares to go free-to-play

Massively-multiplayer sci-fi shooter Defiance will transition to a free-to-play model next month.

The change will take effect on June 4 for the PC version and July 15 for the PlayStation 3 edition. There are plans to have the Xbox 360 release make this transition, but a date has not been given yet.

Speaking to Alist Daily, Trion Worlds producer Trick Dempsey said: "We've known this transition was coming for a long time, and we've been changing the game drastically to address these issues prior to launch.

"Defiance was never a subscription game, so many of the issues endemic to free-to-play transitions were simply not an issue for us. Instead, we faced issue with gameplay balance and feelings of significant progress throughout the experience of the game.

“We've been tackling these issues for a year now, and it's ready to make a good first impression on a much wider audience."


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