Surprise Attack working with Merge Games

Leigh Harris
Surprise Attack working with Merge Games

Merge Games, which is a publisher for indie games founded by an ex-THQ APAC staffer, is now working with fledgling Surprise Attack.

Merge was founded when Luke Keighran left THQ Asia Pacific and focused on finding marketing solutions for indie titles, first working in Eastern Europe and the Middle East on STALKER: Call of Pripyat.

This year, Merge is handling retail solutions and digital distribution for PC and Android platforms, working with the creators of Limbo, Terreria and Frozen Synapse.

Surprise Attack, also formed from an ex-THQ employee, is announcing that they'll be handling the PR for Merge's current 5 titles in Australia and New Zealand as they're ranged at EB.

The titles will include: The Binding of Isaac: Most Unholy Edition, Frozen Synapse: Collector's Edition, LIMBO Special Edition, Gemini Rue Collector's Edition and Terreria Collector's Edition.

This will likely be a long-running relationship between the two companies, although these five titles are all that has been confirmed at this point.


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