Splinter Cell: Blacklist EMEA-exclusive special editions announced

Leigh Harris
Splinter Cell: Blacklist EMEA-exclusive special editions announced

Statues and gadgets abound in the three separate editions which are hitting retail for the launch of Splinter: Cell Blacklist.

Thankfully, for those of us who aren't big on the appeal of figurines and statues, one of the editions is coming with a Splinter Cell-themed digital watch.

Not that watches are the most useful things in the world, but they do serve a function.

There are three Splinter Cell: Blacklist editions coming out.

First up is the JB Hi-Fi exclusive Ultimatum Edition, going for AUD$99.95 on PS3 and 360 or AUD$89.95 on PC.

It'll feature a physical 24 page Splinter Cell graphic novel, a three-green-light digital watch and the collector's box, plus a few in-game items.

Then there's the EB Games exclusive 5th Freedom Edition, which will also come with an exclusive Steelbook case, a 24cm Sam Fisher figurine and a host of in-game content, as well as the above-mentioned box and graphic novel, and a larger helping of in-game items and maps. It'll be costing AUD$119.95 on consoles and AUD$109.95 on PC.

Finally, for those who order through Uplay, there's the 5th Freedom Silver Edition, which is the same as the regular 5th Freedom Edition but with silver versions of the box and Steelbook and a silver version of the Sam Fisher figurine.

The Silver Edition is AUD$129.95 for the console edition and AUD$119.95 for the PC.


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