Space Heroes Universe - 1 million players and counting

Leigh Harris
Space Heroes Universe - 1 million players and counting

Milestone reaching is always fun, especially in games, so kudos must go out to Sydney-based startup Bubble Gum Interactive.

The team has achieved much since the launch of Space Heroes Universe (then Little Space Heroes) a year ago, but all the merchandising deals, accolades from abroad and cartoon trailers in the world don't matter to an online virtual universe which doesn't have any players.

So this competitor for the likes of Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel appears to have been worth the government investment, rocketing past 1 million players, BGI announced yesterday.

“We’re over the moon to have achieved this significant milestone in such a short time. With so many Space Heroes out exploring, Shadowbot and his minions better beware!” Said Phil Mason, CEO Bubble Gum Interactive.

“It’s great to see community growth like this ahead of the Festive Season, and we’ve got some amazing updates and features in store for our fans heading into the new year, including new planets to explore, mobile games and cartoons!”


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