South Australia's Attorney General takes issue with R18+

Leigh Harris
South Australia's Attorney General takes issue with R18+

Attorney General John Rau cited games which were classified as MA15+ here, but received a higher rating elsewhere as a problem.

Speaking to ABC Online, the Attorney General said: "It is concerning to me, particularly as a parent, when I see that 13 games have been released in Australia as MA15+ whilst exactly the same game attracts up to an R18+ classification overseas."

Rau was referring to games such as Alien Rage, Killer is Dead, God Mode and The Walking Dead, and called for a revision of the classification system by Attorney General George Brandis, and further stating that if the standards 'aren't applied more rigorously', he would refer the matter to the South Australian Classification Council for review.

This is consistent with Rau's earlier push to re-classify many MA15+ games as R18+ once the age rating became available, although no such moves have yet been made.

For the full story, check out ABC Online.


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