Sony talks about the future of Playstation Vita

Leigh Harris
Sony talks about the future of Playstation Vita

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, has quite candidly spoken to CVG (as reported by MCV UK).

In this discussion, Yoshida talked about the possibility of discontinuing the console, which reported only sold 600k units in its last quarter, noting 'I don't think we have to make that decision now'.

He insists that consumers who are purchasing the device are loving it, and perhaps his decision not to confirm the handheld's future one way or another is driven by the possible boost it will get as a result of hard-wired PS4 integration.

Indeed, this year, Sony has been ensuring that a raft of titles are not only available on the Vita, but are being actively promoted as such. Still, it's not a great position for Sony to be in with the handheld, so it'll doubltess warrant a bit of frank analysis once the dust from the PS4 launch has settled and there are no more big wild cards which could reverse its fortunes.


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