Sony makes push to attract indie developers to PS4

Leigh Harris
Sony makes push to attract indie developers to PS4

The Playstation First program is a global initiative which is aimed at breaking down the high barrier to entry the PS3 suffered.

In Australia, Sony is working exclusive with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and delivering Playstation Vita dev kits to the educator's Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne incubators in a bid to get up and coming indie developers working on Playstation family hardware in preparation for the Playstation 4 launch.

It's no secret that Xbox Live Arcade set the bar for downloadable indie games with the likes of Braid, Limbo, Castle Crashers and more, but Sony more than caught up in the tail end of this generation, with its efforts culminating in award-winning titles like The Unfinished Swan, SoundShapes and Journey.

It would seem that Sony wants to keep this momentum going into the Playstation 4 generation. Every developer approved for Sony's platforms get access to its behind-the-scenes support networks, and the publisher aims to be vigilant with visiting the indie developers as they learn to work with the hardware in each local territory, giving feedback and advice on games during production.

The program has struck a deal with AIE initially, but Sony isn't ruling out working with other educators in the future. For now, six Playstation Vita dev kits have been shipped to Australian locations, with more to come in future and Sony stating that the transition from Vita to Playstation 4 will be a relatively easy one for anyone who begins familiarising themselves with the development environment now.


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