Sony goes hard at retail for new model PS3

Leigh Harris
Sony goes hard at retail for new model PS3

The new model Playstation 3 dropped last Thursday, taking the prices down a notch and offering up a 500Gb premium package.

Sony eschewed specific above-the-line marketing for the new model, instead swapping out all TVC tags, touting the new pricing where possible and partnering heavily with retailers to tell the story in-store.

Patrick Lagana, Marketing Manager at SCEA, told MCV: "With our big titles like Wonderbook, there’s a big program we’re looking to activate with retailers. We’re investing heavily in that space."

"It’s about making sure we create that path to purchase for consumers, and trying to get as much cut through as we can for that time of year."

Bundles will be a huge push for Sony moving into Christmas, with an 'assortment' due out between now and the end of the holiday season, starting with the FIFA PS3 bundle and Little Big Planet Vita bundles.


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