Sony concerned that PlayStation 4 is only selling to gamers

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Sony concerned that PlayStation 4 is only selling to gamers

Despite selling over 10-million units in just nine months, Shuhei Yoshida feels cause for concern.  

The Sony Worldwide Studios President has admitted in an interview with Eurogamer that "... I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what's happening", going on to say that he had personally been reaching out to journalists for their opinion as to why the PS4 has been selling so fast. 

Yoshida's concerns stem from his statements, "As soon as we see a great sales number, our instinct tells us we should be concerned about future sales, right? Are we exhausting all the core gamers?" and "If we sell this number of units, there are no more consumers we can sell to. That’s a really terrifying prospect".

Yoshida then added, "I'm asking marketing people to tell us why. They've been to people who already purchased, and some of the early data was amazing in terms of the number of people who didn't used to own PS3 have already purchased PS4. So we are getting lots of new customers coming into PlayStation. And some people never purchased any last-gen hardware: PS3, or Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. So where did they come from?"

"We want to understand who are these consumers who we do not necessarily consider core gamers who are purchasing PS4, and why they are doing it, and what they are doing with PS4, so we can create a bit more of a positive future, rather than saying, 'Wow, we have sold to every single core gamer',” 

The interview also talks about the upcoming Until Dawn and The Order: 1886 titles, his surprise around the Xbox exclusivity of Square Enix's Rise of the Tomb Raider and EA Access. 

You can read the article in full on Eurogamer .


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