Some of the world's best CG game trailers are made in Sydney

Leigh Harris
Some of the world's best CG game trailers are made in Sydney

Plastic Wax, based in Silverwater in Sydney's west, houses some 70 people and is responsible for some of the best CG trailers in the business.

The company was set up in 1997, and has produced some stellar work including the announcement cinematic for Fallout: New Vegas, the announcement and teaser trailers (including live action with CG effects work) for Darksiders 2, the eminently awesome 'Power' trailer for Saint's Row: The Third, the iconic Civilization V: Gods and Kings opening cinematic, and many more.

Outside of just trailers, a lot of in-game CG cut scenes are handled by Plastic Wax. Say what you will about Epic Mickey 2 - the cinematic storytelling in between the rather average game were stunning and a joy to behold.

The company's work also ends up forming the basis for in-game animation suites for some titles - 10 full minutes of the sublime in-game animations from Bioshock Infinite were handled by Plastic Wax. It's an all around under-the-radar powerhouse in the field of animation, 3d art and production studio.

In the last fortnight alone, its produced the Neverwinter opening cinematic trailer, the Lego Marvel Super Heroes trailer and two Kixeye titles' cinematics in War Commander and Battle Pirates.

For examples of some of the work of Plastic Wax, check out its latest highlights reel here.



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