Some Diablo III stock will be getting to GAME Australia

Leigh Harris
Some Diablo III stock will be getting to GAME Australia

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, administrators for GAME Australia, today confirmed that some pre-orders for Diablo III will be filled.

The stock at GAME Australia's warehouse is the total stock which was ordered before the company filed for administration, and customers are being advised to contact the store where they pre-ordered the game from to find out if theirs has arrived.

Kate Warwick, joint Administrator on GAME at PwC, said: "I regret that Diablo III isn't available across the whole network of stores and to all customers who have pre-ordered, however the stock on hand represents the total stock ordered prior to the appointment of Voluntary Administrators yesterday and unfortunately, there are insufficient funds on hand to purchase any additional copies."

While those whose copies have arrived can pick it up today, anyone whose pre-order wasn't filled is being directed to the GAME Australia web site where there are directions for making claims for entitlements to PwC.


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