Sites make PR in Australia more important than ever

Leigh Harris
Sites make PR in Australia more important than ever

Over half a decade ago, Gamespot and IGN, the big two players in gaming web sites, opened up shop in Australia.

Once each was fully staffed, there were not one but up to three reviews of each game coming out of IGN: US, UK and Australia. Gamespot, meanwhile, saw some of its global reviews handled by its Australian leads.

The former was designed to give gamers a variety of opinions, but both sites now favour simply finding the best and most suitable person for each game, regardless of location.

Australia, therefore, has taken the lead on global reviews for several titles on both sites, meaning the stakes for local arms of publishers have become higher.

With such a high (and growing) dependency on agencies and sub-distributors in the Australian / New Zealand region, the PR for these games has had to be handled with the same amount of skill as the US counterparts, forcing international publishers to establish ever closer relationships with their Australian handlers, whether they be internal or not.

The end result is that the competition for titles amongst local agencies and distributors is demanding higher and higher levels of skill in specialised areas like PR, and a greater level of trust than ever before is having to be established between the global messaging leads and the individuals who manage each title.


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