SimCity appears not quite as painful to get going here

Leigh Harris
SimCity appears not quite as painful to get going here

It's hard to pinpoint how people are feeling about the ANZ launch of SimCity en masse and really quantify the difference with the US launch.

I expected the worst at midnight last night, and to be fair, my wireless net connection can be a little tempestuous.

So every time it flickered off, even for a second, SimCity would stop installing. I eventually had to borrow a wired connection from a housemate who'd already finished his install, then it worked just fine.

It's still a shame that the North American launch was so bungled and that EA would dare to bite of more than it could chew in a server capacity, but once my hiccup-riddled install was done, the game worked fine, and continues to work fine right now on a totally different network (which, incidentally, also has a habit of flickering on and off a bit).

EA did promise that its Australian and New Zealand launch would be much more solid than the US testbed, and so far that appears to be the case. Regardless, any game which requires an internet connection just to play ought to have its servers ready for the launch day onslaught, and no one could say EA didn't know how popular SimCity was going to be.


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