Silent Hill: Book of Memories gets Australian release date

James Cullinane
Silent Hill: Book of Memories gets Australian release date

Konami has announced the Australian release date for Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The PlayStation Vita exclusive will be available from the 8th of November.

Developed by WayForward, Book of Memories features an isometric perspective, and focuses on action, exploration, and puzzle-solving in the horrifying town of Silent Hill. Each player is given a book which has the mysterious ability to alter the past.

Book of Memories also marks the first time the Silent Hill series will include multiplayer. Players must work together to gather puzzle pieces and take down gargantuan boss creatures.

The game also features a soundtrack by Daniel Licht, the composer behind the TV series Dexter.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories will be available both in-stores, and as a digital download via the PlayStation Network.


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