SA Attorney General now supports R18+

Leigh Harris
SA Attorney General now supports R18+

Following on from the public release of the R18+ guidelines last week, South Australia Attorney-General John Rau has changed his position.

Previously, the AG had taken issue with the R18+ classification, stating instead that South Australia would simply remove the MA15+ category altogether, lumping all videogames rated either MA15+ or R18+ under the new scheme together in the R18+ category.

Rau said: "Under the new guidelines, games that were previously classified as MA15+ could now be subject to an R18+classification. The guidelines draw an obvious distinction between games that are suitable for children, early-teens, and games that are only suitable for adults."

"This is critical, as teenagers and children will be restricted from purchasing unsuitable games. In fact, they will have less access to these games than they do now.”

All states and territories are now agreeing to have the full spectrum of classification options available.


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