Roy Stanton launches new company First to Market

Leigh Harris
Roy Stanton launches new company First to Market

Former sales manager for roughly half the games publishers in Australia Roy Stanton has founded his own company.

Called First to Market Pty Ltd, the company will be focused on delivering 'first to market' products, centred around peripherals for iOS and Android tablets, as well as their associated games. Stanton is aiming to make most of these products exclusive to his new company.

Stanton told MCV: "After 20 years in the Interactive Gaming industry, and after selling what are probably the most enviable game franchises in history, I think I have developed a sense for what works and what doesn't."

"First to Market Pty Ltd fulfils our target retailer customer need for new products that will excite their customers; value-added products that enhance sales and profitability of existing new technologies like iPad 2, Android Tablets and Smartphones; new packaging and bundle opportunities that can be placed in existing planograms, eliminating the need for the retailer to create new space; high-margin product that enables the retailer to margin-mix with their existing low-margin hardware offerings, enhancing the overall profitability of the category."

First to Market is yet another recently established Australian company  which indicate a severe shift in the local landscape.

As smartphone uptake skyrockets and tablet sales show increased acceleration each year, more and more unique and specialised companies catering to new and emerging markets continue to spring up, with Stanton having clearly identified one of the many new holes opening up for such a company to fill.

Stanton continued: "Research group Gartner states that there will be an explosion in tablet sales over the next 4 years, with the devices selling 60% as many units as PC's by 2015. First to Market Pty Ltd plans to be at the forefront of that demand wave."

Stanton's latest role was as the National Sales Manager for AFA Interactive. He aims to have First to Market hit the ground running with its first clients by mid-March.


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