Ron Curry celebrates Australia's first R18+ videogame.

Leigh Harris
Ron Curry celebrates Australia's first R18+ videogame.

Today, Tecmo Koei held an understated breakfast to celebrate the launch of the first videogame in Australia to carry an R18+ rating.

That game was Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus for the Playstation Vita.

Curry took the small gathering of journalists through some of the highs and lows of getting the country to this point, with the campaign to get an R18+ classification for games having gone on since 2002.

"It was interesting to open my emails from five or six years ago," remembers Curry. "And to just look at the trail of everybody who's been involved."

In particular, Curry had to thank Jason Hill for kicking off the discussion critically in the media and Dr Jeff Brand from Bond University for his painstaking research in the 'Gameplay Australia' reports, which were vital in establishing the first part of the iGEA's case for an R18+ rating: that gamers were in fact adults.

"The most interesting thing to me has been how the dialogue's changed since I started," says Curry. "[Michael] Atkinson had death threats. Atkinson said int he press he was more afraid of Curry's gang than the motorcycle gangs."

"Since that time, the dialogue has changed dramatically, thanks to Mark [Serrels from Kotaku], Laura [Parker from Gamespot] and Aaron [Percival from Espresso Communications]. They really started to say to their readers 'You can't talk like this any more. We need to talk a little bit more maturely and really have a much more meaningful dialogue as to why we should have an R18+ rating."

"For me, that was a turning point of the whole debate."

There has been hard work from all sectors of the industry and community to get the R18+ rating across the board, and it was a proud day for gamers all across the country today when we were able to purchase our first title which warranted the adult rating.

"It's unbelievable just how much has to go on behind the scenes to make changes like this happen," Curry concluded.


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